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The Prime
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The Prime

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The thoughts behind the Prime case is to use the fact that you in principle can create any color hue from the three prime colors yellow, red, and blue. 

We have made place for eight cups for you to fill. One choice could be to choose two sets of prime colors, one with warm and one with cold colors. The additional cups can be used for a couple of special favourites or black and white. 

The inserted high quality mini brush from Da Vinci held safely in place by a piece of leather, is a joy to paint with. If you hold it in a relaxed grip with your fingertips it will make your painting more loose and floating. The Da Vinci brush is of kolinsky red   sable hair and size four. This brush together with the limited colors will lead you into a new world with color combinations you never knew existed. 

The inside is sealed with a water based, water resistant varnish and the outside is treated with linseed oil. The mixing areas are coated, you can choose between transparent, white, or golden. 

All our paintboxes are made from upcycled oak wine barrels.

Watercolor paint is not included.

The included felt cover has two layers of finest merino wool and is handmade in Germany. It is shock-absorbing to protect your kingscreek paint box and to keep it safe and dry. You can choose between two colors, black and red.


Paintbox: 110 x 74 x 21 mm, 75g   
4.3" x 2.9" x 0.8", 2.65 oz

Paintbox with felt cover: 130 x 95 x 27 mm, 95g
5.1" x 3.7" x 1.1", 3.25 oz

That´s how we help you stay  c o l o r  c o n n e c t e d.


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