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Stick 3b
Stick 3b
Stick 3b

Stick 3b

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The thoughts behind the Stick Collection is that you in principle can create any color hue from the three prime colors yellow, red, and blue. Its pocket size makes it light and easy to carry with you, wherever your sketching tour might take you.

Stick 3b comes with three paint cups and one mini da Vinci high quality paint brush. See Stick 3 and Stick 6 for variations.

The inside is sealed with a water based, water resistant varnish and the outside is treated with linseed oil. The mixing area is coated with white enamel paint. 

 All our paintboxes are made from upcycled oak wine barrels and made to order. Shipping date is currently three weeks after receiving your order.

Watercolor paint is not included.



Stick 3b: 130 x 42 x 22 mm, 45 g
5.12" x 1.65" x 0.87", 1.5 oz


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